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                Magnetic Bar
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                Magnetic Bar
Product details

1. Features :
 ⑴ Standard bars is 25mm(1 inch) in diameter and any length per customer's request,the Max length up to 2500mm, square or other magnetic tubes with different shapes and dimensions are also available.
Our magnetic bar usually made of seamless 304 stainless steel tubes or 316 stainless steel tubes can be fine polished and full welded to meet food grade or pharmacy application .
Usual max working temperature is 80, we can offer up to 350 to meet your special applications.
Various ends-nail head, thread hole, double screw bolt and other kind ends are also available.By using ferrite magnets or different grade rare earth magnets,different magnetic strength are available to meet every customer's requirement, the highest magnetic strength of Diameter 25mm(1 inch) tubes can achieve 12,000GS(1.2T) 2. Remarks:

"V" that can create magnet the magnetic intensity in the corresponding diameter, "-" indicates not manufacturing. Bar below 38 diameter, temperature resistant EH by samarium cobalt magnet, diameter of more than 38 do not consider the use of samarium cobalt magnet. The maximum operating temperature corresponding to different series. H series: 120 DEG C; SH series: 150 DEG C; UH series: 180 DEG C; EH series: 350 degrees C

3. Applications : Magnetic bars are the main part of different magnetic grate separators. They can effectively remove ferrous chips and metal particles from loosely packed, free flowing materials. 


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