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NdFeB magnet is non-standard goods which is manufactured according to the request from customers. Size is also designed according to the request from customers. There are different shapes with Tiles, Block, Cylinder, Circle and others shapes.

Cylinder NdFeB Magnets
Roll Tile Shape NdFeb Magnets
We provide various cylinder-magnets according to the customer’s requirement. Diameter can be 3mm to 200mm.   As NdFeB permanent magnets for motor and generator are the main products in Zhaobao, and roll tile shape magnets (magnet segment) are mainly used in motor and generators, so a large portion of Zhaobao’s Nd magnets are roll tile. We have very good and advanced experience and technology to produce this kind of magnet segments.
Block NdFeB Magnets
Ring NdFeB Magnets
Block magnet is a kind of simple shape of all the magnets produced. Our high performance NdFeB magnets, including different grade and different specification, export overseas.   Based on the production experience of the D160mm ring magnet, we developed various ring magnet. The technical improvement and technical limitation breakthrough help us to establish a systematic plan in producing ring magnet with big size and and quality control procedure. The advantage and innovation for huge size ring magnet is one-time press molding for special magnet by new machines with special molds and hydraulic press, achieved the success in whole technology process combined with our actual production experience. The technology of huge size ring magnet for lot production have been a breakthrough. To ensure the one-time press of ring magnet, we use the special molds, four-cylinder manual hydraulic press machine, up-down orienting direction and hand operation for huge size ring magnet to get rid of the product’s inner stress in ring magnet pressing.
Special Shape of NdFeB Magnets
Our factory is advanced in production for complex shape, higher precision and hardness magnet. We have higher production level in shapes. We can manufacture complex, higher precision products with good stability according to the customer’s request.    


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