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NdFeB magnet is widely applied to Machinery, Video and Audio equipments, Communication Devices, Medical Devices, Office Automation Equipments, Space Flight and Aviation, etc. ZHAOBAO’s magnets are mainly used for motors and generators, such as Elevator Motors (Traction Machines), Wind Turbines, Servo Motors, Motors for Hybrid Electric Vehicle or Battery Electric Vehicles, Linear motors and Compressor Motors, and so on.

Elevator Motors
Servo Motors
Elevator motor magnet is our flagship product, we have established long-term cooperative relationship with a number of industry leading elevator motor manufacturer. Our dedicated elevator motor NdFeB magnets with high coercivity, high energy product, low temperature coefficient, low weight loss and magnetic properties and other characteristics superior consistency, cost-effective.   Our magnet servo motors by adding trace elements, using a special aging process, to ensure excellent performance under the premise magnet, the magnet microstructure parameters sensitive, more stable structure, to meet different types of use of the environment, to ensure the working status of the magnet stable and normal.
Wind Power Generators
Automobile Industry
Uses a unique dual-alloy method, control and auxiliary liquid alloy composition so that it can be a good infiltration 2:14: a phase particles, auxiliary liquid alloy in 2:14: one phase is formed around a relatively uniform grain-rich phase thin layer to reach the purpose of increasing the coercivity. Further, controlling the sintering temperature and time, so that the auxiliary liquid alloy does not enter the main phase of the rare earth element, on the one hand so that the main phase of the epitaxial layer has a high anisotropy, on the other hand does not lead to reduced Js main phase, whereby integrated high performance magnets (high Br, Hcj). Magnet direct-drive wind turbines require a high overall performance to withstand harsh working environments and long life.  
Industrial Automation
Other Applications




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